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 Applying stage makeup to my friend Lori Duncan, in the production   The Dark of the Moon.

Applying stage makeup to my friend Lori Duncan, in the production The Dark of the Moon.

I am a watercolor artist living and working in Crested Butte Colorado.

What I love about watercolors, is the movement of paint after it is on the canvas. Letting the colors blend on the canvas is my favorite technique. To me, it is the essence of watercolor, the statement the piece makes, that says " This is who I am. I am watercolor."


Artist's Statement

What do I want people to see in my art? I want to highlight the raw beauty of the world around me. I attempt this most often with saturated colors made more dramatic by rich darks and warm lights. I'm particularly drawn to the shadows, being really more a painter of shadows than a painter of light. I try to exaggerate shadows, finding different colors in the shadows and using shadows to emphasize contours and depth. All of this over-emphasis on color and value is a way to put emotion into my work, allowing the viewer can glimpse how I feel about a subject.

What is a distinguishing characteristic of my work? I am partial to mixing paint on the canvas or paper rather than the palette. It is fascinating when the colors continue to move, quickly at first and then more slowly, as they spread across the surface, leaving bits of pure blue and pure yellow in the newly formed greens. I try to always repeat colors throughout the piece, so if a there is orange in an area, I find a couple of other places to put it, in smaller amounts, to create a sort of rhythm. 

What do other people like about my paintings? The most commen comment is how colorful they are. My hope is that they think this with a smile, not an inward wince. 



Ann Sharkey served several years in the U.S. Army as a German Linguist. After, she went back to school to earn her doctorate in Chiropractic. She took time off from her career to raise her family and it was during this time that she rediscovered her passion for art. It started with a sculpture class she took with her twelve year old daughter, Megan. From there, it grew into pottery and then back to her first love, painting. Finally, she settled on watercolor and decided to go professional.

Currently, she resides in Crested Butte, Colorado, where she paints every day in either her home studio or her downtown studio. She hasn't given up on her other art. She still creates in multiple mediums, from sculpture to pottery to hand-spun yarns, and still finds time to be outside on a regular basis.


Professional Organizations

Southwestern Watercolor Society

Colorado Watercolor Society

Artists of the West Elks

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Moon Ridge Gallery
326-A Elk Ave
Crested Butte, Colorado

PO Box 2268
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