Ann Sharkey


Bodies of Work


Bicycle, which is an ongoing series, is inspired by my nostalgia, not simply for bygone years, but also for my own memories of childhood. Where I now live, in Crested Butte, a small mountain town in Colorado, bicycles are more than childhood toys, they are also freedom to cross mountains,climbing high and flying low. Locals ride their bikes year round and I, not being raised in Crested Butte was startled into laughter the first few times a cyclist passed my car in a blizzard. As for summer, it is not unusual to see over 20 bikes on any street corner or alley.

What I attempt with this body of work, is to capture the essence of this amazing mountain town by simply painting our bicycles. The majority of this series is painted on rough press, cotton rag paper. I paint the focal area more detail and from a compelling point of view, leaving the remainder of the work painted in a semi-abstract or minimalist style. Notice the loose brushstrokes and how the transparent colors mix on the paper instead of the palette. Instead of extreme detail, interest and variety are added through texture in the form of splatter, negative painting and granulation with sedimentary and transparent pigments.


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